• A trio of sparkling wines good for both celebrating and dining

    The New Year opens up with a nice piece about CorteBianca published on the pages of the prestigious "Sole 24 Ore" (Sun 24 Hours) newspaper. It has been written by the "Gastronaut" Davide Paolini, in his section dedicated to the best Italian food&wine products and their producers. We especially like the title "A trio of sparkling wines good for both celebrating and eating". Which means that a Franciacorta wine like CorteBianca is certainly perfect for a toast or an "aperitivo", as well as for lunch or dinner. As written by many sommeliers, the CorteBianca Satèn, Rosè and Extrabrut taste very well with different dishes: from salami to white meat, lake and sea fish, seafood and coquillage, and also with bird game.

  • The Green future of CorteBianca

    Organic and sustainable agriculture, biologic cultivation. Models that respect nature, a resource to be defended and preserved. This is the main theme of the discussion nowadays. This is true for the world of wine too, especially in Franciacorta. Many producers have made this choice. No chemical treatment, preservation of the ecosystem, and respect for the grapes and their characteristics. The result is great "classic method" wines, that are original from this terroir. Above all, wines that can compete at international level, conquer new markets and contribute to the commercial success of Italian wine in the world.

    This is the topic of two articles, one on the Giornale di Brescia (read the article here) and the other one on the Corriere della Sera (read the article here).

    What makes us proud is the fact that CorteBIanca sits beside important names such asMaurizio Zanella, Barone Pizzini and Contadi Castaldi, as one of the bst practices of what is happening in Franciacorta. A further confirmation of the rightness of our "natural choice".

We believe there is a single and invisible thread that, like an antique lace, links together the people, the animals, the plants, the culture and history of a place, in a deep and harmonic relationship.

Filosofia CorteBianca Filosofia CorteBianca

Producing wine means for us to follow the connections of this thread, starting from  a corner of the Franciacorta land, amongst sunny vineyards and thick woods, with the dream of preserving and defending a microcosm, fully respecting its original nature and soul.

Filosofia CorteBianca Filosofia CorteBianca

This is CorteBianca. A winery that brings together a dedication to paramount quality with respect for the land and the soil, through a precise ethical and aesthetical philosophy and the determination to protect its generosity and beauty.

Filosofia CorteBianca