Our image

Simplicity, elegance, and a contemporary interpretation of a forgotten tradition: through the design and the materials, our image is deeply connected to the world and philosophy of CorteBianca.

The lace, an explicit hommage to ancient domestic habits that belong to the peasant culture, and at the same time recalling the twirls and spirals of the vine branch, also becomes the thread that informs the hand-lettering of the logotype. It can also be seen as a meaningful metaphor of the bound between man and nature.

A special care has been put in the choice of paper for our packaging and printed matters: from FSC certified sustainable papers – with no use of plastic coatings, – to the use of recyclable materials.

Our home

A traditional Lombardy farmhouse, abandoned since many years, was the stage for a careful restoration, attentive not only to the local history and tradition, but also to a contemporary aesthetic that brings together style and sustainability, simplicity and elegance. The large fireplaces, the thick walls, the medieval tower, the well, the spinning mill place, the interior ambients restored and brought back to their ancient splendor, are all together the living proof of the alliance between man, nature and territory, that appeared to be lost forever.