• Rosé and Satèn. Presentation in the Court

    Finally the time has come. On May 29th, the farm and the vineyards of CorteBianca will host the first official tasting of the new Rosé and Satèn wines, accompanied by a range of the best local food, carefully selected amongs the best producers of the territory. The Bread of Luca Magri from Erbusco, the Montisola salami, the "Slinzega" and the salted meat from Valcamonica of Roberto Forchini,  the "camuni" cheeses of Sonia Spagnoli and the "salumi" (cold cuts) of "Stan Sal" in Iseo, the dairy creations refined by the Perolari family, the ice cream from "La Bottega" in Provaglio, and finally the extra-virgin olive oil, honey and strawberries "made in" CorteBianca; all the best of Franciacorta to make the tasting experince even more complete and intense.

    The presentation will be attended by some of the best known figures of the Food and Wine national press: the "Gastronaut" Davide Paolini, Andrea Grignaffini of "Spirito diVino", Giorgio Melandri of "Gambero Rosso", and Leonardo Valenti, CorteBianca's oenologist, who will illustrate the two wines'characteristics, and the most appropriate serving suggestions. As a proper conclusion of the day, our agronomist Pierluigi Donna, together with the exceptional guide of Leonardo Valenti, will offer a visit to the vineyards.

  • Fuorisalone 2012. A toast with CorteBianca in the Secret Garden

    An enchanted place, in the heart of Milan and at the same time cast away from the metropolitan frenzy; two of the most prestigious brands of the Made-in- Italy excellence; the splendid set designs by Zaha Hadid and Paola Navone, stars of the international design scene; and last but not least our organic Franciacorta to accompany the launching event. The opening of “The Secret Garden” at the Botanical Gardens of Brera has been a huge success in all senses, and it has been the evidence of a mutual quest for uncompromising quality. In the hands of journalists, architects, designers and all the trendy attendees of the Milan "Fuorisalone", the glasses of CorteBianca added a note of sensorial taste to the surprising visual landscape. For CorteBianca, highly appreciated by the guests, this event has been a further confirmation of its philosophy: from the "natural" location, to the awesome and environmentally-aware settings, to the superior class of the products and designs on show, each element was in fact consistent with our choice of the highest standard of quality in organic production.

    Photo: Zaha Hadid with Marina Tonsi at the "Orto Botanico di Brera"

We believe there is a single and invisible thread that, like an antique lace, links together the people, the animals, the plants, the culture and history of a place, in a deep and harmonic relationship.

Filosofia CorteBianca Filosofia CorteBianca

Producing wine means for us to follow the connections of this thread, starting from  a corner of the Franciacorta land, amongst sunny vineyards and thick woods, with the dream of preserving and defending a microcosm, fully respecting its original nature and soul.

Filosofia CorteBianca Filosofia CorteBianca

This is CorteBianca. A winery that brings together a dedication to paramount quality with respect for the land and the soil, through a precise ethical and aesthetical philosophy and the determination to protect its generosity and beauty.

Filosofia CorteBianca