• A very nice "Giorno" for CorteBianca

    The piece is really heartbreaking, and not just because it is quite prominent and included in an extensive page about the Franciacorta region, but above all because of the way the writer, Paolo Galliani, has been able to understand and tell the spirit of CorteBianca. From the almost "movie-like" description of Sergnana, to the chronicle of the presentation day, up to the story of our "heart and life" choice, every single word fill up with pleasure and a little bit of pride too.

    Paolo Galliani, "Cortebianca. La magia della piccola Sergnana brinda alla nuova azienda agricola", Il Giorno, 18/11/2011

  • Franciacorta, a dream about love and bubbles

    On November 7th, on the gazzetta di Parma, Andrea Grignaffini wrote a flattering piece on CorteBianca. Here is an abstract:

    "This is the story of a dream. In Franciacorta, and more precisely in Sergnana – few steps away from the Iseo Lake, Mauro and Marina (him a successful manager and her a talented architect) restored an od farmhouse and planted Chardonnay and Pinot Nero vines in the surrounding land, cultivated following organic principles and with a great attention to biodiversity. The result is their first CorteBianca, an Extra Brut soon to be followed by a Satèn and a Rosé next spring.

    The Extra Brut (5000 bottles) is truly convincing: both for the bold choice of starting with a "difficult" type of wine, and especially for the taste and structure of the wine itself.

    Their passion for land, for the vines, their respect for the ecosystem, and last but not least their strong link with tradition, altogether contributed to give this wine a unique identity, born out of excellent grapes. A dream that comes true.

    Andrea Grignaffini, "Franciacorta, sogno d'amore e bollicine", Gazzetta di Parma, 7 novembre 2011.

We believe there is a single and invisible thread that, like an antique lace, links together the people, the animals, the plants, the culture and history of a place, in a deep and harmonic relationship.

Filosofia CorteBianca Filosofia CorteBianca

Producing wine means for us to follow the connections of this thread, starting from  a corner of the Franciacorta land, amongst sunny vineyards and thick woods, with the dream of preserving and defending a microcosm, fully respecting its original nature and soul.

Filosofia CorteBianca Filosofia CorteBianca

This is CorteBianca. A winery that brings together a dedication to paramount quality with respect for the land and the soil, through a precise ethical and aesthetical philosophy and the determination to protect its generosity and beauty.

Filosofia CorteBianca