• CorteBianca for a greener future, on the Corriere della Sera

    A special issue on Franciacorta on the main Italian newspaper, in which we are especially proud to be part of. Not only because our wine is quoted side by side with some of the great names of the Franciacorta Region, but especially because the article is about the stories of people that are making the right choiches for the environment and the territory, through art, cuisine and, of course, wine.

    Progetto Franciacorta felix. La sfida per un futuro verde, Marisa Fumagalli, Speciale Corriere della Sera, 24-10-11

  • CorteBianca debuts on press

    A rather corteous article on BresciaOggi, a local paper, presents CorteBianca as a new reality that is contributing to establish the Organic culture in Franciacorta.

    Cortebianca, una sfida biologica da 3 milioni di euro, Claudio Andrizzi, Bresciaoggi, 15-10-2011

We believe there is a single and invisible thread that, like an antique lace, links together the people, the animals, the plants, the culture and history of a place, in a deep and harmonic relationship.

Filosofia CorteBianca Filosofia CorteBianca

Producing wine means for us to follow the connections of this thread, starting from  a corner of the Franciacorta land, amongst sunny vineyards and thick woods, with the dream of preserving and defending a microcosm, fully respecting its original nature and soul.

Filosofia CorteBianca Filosofia CorteBianca

This is CorteBianca. A winery that brings together a dedication to paramount quality with respect for the land and the soil, through a precise ethical and aesthetical philosophy and the determination to protect its generosity and beauty.

Filosofia CorteBianca