• TASTED's "100% blind test" awards CorteBianca

    The "blind test", where the sommeliers taste without the help of any presentation, indication, or label, has always been the toughest exam for any wine. It recently happened to our wines, which entered the blind tests of TASTED (www.tastedjournal.com), the publication of two of the most important international sommeliers: the German Markus del Monego (German) and the Swedish Andreas Larsson. The outcomes have been excellent. Our CorteBianca Satèn 2008 reached the score of 90 points, with a note enhancing its structure, its perfume of nutshells, lemon, yellow fruits. The CorteBianca Rosé 2008 scored 89.5 points, with a note about the colour and the complexity of the nose, with taste of red berries, with a taste that has been described as "always fresh and vibrant". While the ExtraBrut get a score of 86 points, and Markus del Monego points out the £elegance and expression" of its perfume, and its balance.

    The results will be published in the TASTED edition which will be published in the occasion of two important events in the world of wine: ProWein and Vinitaly.

  • CorteBianca. All the words of Tom Stevenson's guide

    The recently published world-class Tom Stevenson Christie's guide has not only given our wines a very high score of 82 points, which brings them at the level of the best Franciacorta, but on top of that it has made use of some flattering words to describe our young enterprise. Here is the integral text:

    "CorteBianca is an exciting new Franciacorta house. The first wines were made in 2008 and brought to market in 2011. Currently they make their own wine from only a part of the 4.5 hectares they cultivate, all certified organic. A very impressive beginning, with a lovely, creamy/yeasty, refined style. Classy presentations.

    *Franciacorta Extra Brut
    Not vintaged, traditional method: 95% Chardonnay, 5% Pinot Noir
    *  Franciacorta Satèn
    Vintaged, traditional method: 100% Chardonnay
    ** Franciacorta Rosé
    Vintaged, saigneé, traditional method: 80% Pinot Noir, 20% Chardonnay

We believe there is a single and invisible thread that, like an antique lace, links together the people, the animals, the plants, the culture and history of a place, in a deep and harmonic relationship.

Filosofia CorteBianca Filosofia CorteBianca

Producing wine means for us to follow the connections of this thread, starting from  a corner of the Franciacorta land, amongst sunny vineyards and thick woods, with the dream of preserving and defending a microcosm, fully respecting its original nature and soul.

Filosofia CorteBianca Filosofia CorteBianca

This is CorteBianca. A winery that brings together a dedication to paramount quality with respect for the land and the soil, through a precise ethical and aesthetical philosophy and the determination to protect its generosity and beauty.

Filosofia CorteBianca