CorteBianca is born out of a wish. To bring the fields, the vines and the woods back to their full balance. To give nature back the possibility to express itself its potential and richness.
ATTRAVERSO is the tale of this journey that initiated ten years ago. A journey that we offer to all the "Franciacortando" guests who will visit CorteBianca too (on the 1st and the 2nd of June). We have designed and realized a small journey which will enable us to discover the geo-morphological and climatic context in which our grapes are born: the spontaneous plants and grass that grow between the vines and the fields - and to demonstrate that our job is simply to protect and respect nature.
We'll take a walk through the vines of Pinot Nero and Chardonnay, along the border of spontaneous trees alongside the "Path of the Corne and the Visidelle" that goes through the wood and ends in front to the fruit trees, the olive trees and our vegetable garden. We aim to offer a walk through the "biodiversity" of the Franciacorta land and of the CorteBianca landscape, in which we are building a new ethical relationship with nature.
Parts of old barrels, recovered from the canteen, will become signposts, as well as a visual supports.A series of images that tell the smallest and least known dimension of the plants, the flowers, the insects, will be projected on a screen, and the "herbarium" collected by the naturalist Aldo Avogadri will be on display in the courtyard.
The setting is curated by Studio Aura and the design by Dinamomilano.
Our trusted companion in this adventure have been, as usual, our agronomist Pierluigi Donna and our oenologist Leonardo Valenti. Together with Professor Aldo Avogadri we all share a belief: that a great wine is born from a great grape. And the grapes have to be surrounded by a Nature that is free to express itself. This is what we try to achieve at CorteBianca. Wine is simply the last ring of a long chain: ambient conditions, the work in the canteen and in the vineyards. And the surrounding environment. It's a new way of thinking, which is spreading and finding consent. Some call it stewardship. We like to think of it simply as love and dedication to the land.

“We feel at ease in wild Nature, as it doesn't have any opinion on us whatsoever”

(Friedrich Nietzsche)