It is with great pleasure that we post a pece published by DuJour, a paper and online magazine dedicated to Luxury Lifestyle, which we prefer to define as "Luxe, calme et volupte", quoting Budelaire. The article, which can be downloaded here, is a short elegy that takes into consideration (very few) places of the Franciacorta Region - more and mre oftne recognized as a destination of refined excellence - and among them our CorteBianca, described as such:

"This place is absolutely stunning (and made for Instagram). At its heart it's an organic and sustainably-focused winery owned by Marina Tonsi, an architect and interior designer who brings her passion and eye for design to Franciacorta. The vineyards are nestled in the heart of Franciacorta, between the hlls and the lake, and the winery was renovated from a traditional Lombardy farmhouse with the most advanced green architecture. Try and email to get a visit - they only open vvhen they are there, and it's worth the extra effort, promise."

Very nice words, of course, that above all capture the "precious and simple" spirit that defines everything we do. And aside the praise to our property, the true sense of the piece is not to miss a visit - also longer than e weekend - to our extraordinary territory.