Our CorteBianca has been chosen for the second time round by the Giornale di Brescia's insert "Cucina e Sapori" to accompany a gerat chef's recipe. Some time ago it happened to our Extra Brut, with the "SanPietro" fish recipe by Luisa Franceschetti's "Filo d'Acqua" restaurant. We especially appreciated the tasting notes which described our wine as "dry and with character". While some days ago, our "Rosé" wine was chosen to accompany the "Baccalà alla Brescian" created by the chef Michele Valotti of the "La Madia" restaurant, The nots tell us about "the light tannicity" of the Rosé, and how it goes well with the hors d'oeuvre, the beef and goos salami, as well as the fish soup, In brief, from "aperitivo" to supper.