It was a success for the whole of Franciacorta. In the last two days of September thousands of visitors crowded the canteens, wineries and farmhouses of our region, discovering our wines and our culture. More than 11 thousands bottles of Extra Brut, Satèn and Rosé wines were opened.  A journey into our traditions and our culture, "read" through the discovery of the places were our wines are born, and the encounter with the real people behind their production.

At CorteBianca too it has been a very nice weekend. More than 100 people took part in our to our tasting experiences, and visited our home. As the "newbies" of the Festival we really didn't expected so many visitors. All our wines have been all highly appreciated, and actually thre has been no winner among the three types (Extra Brut, Rosé and Satèn). Preferences and choices have been equally distributed among the different ones.

As happened in our recent and past events, the food that we served with the wines has been highly appreciated: the Chevre cheeses of "Frise" by Gualberto Martini, the knife-hand sliced Iseo Salami by Stan Sal, and the mountain "formaggella" (soft cheese) from Valcamonica. Tastes that marry perfectly with the flavour and intensity of our Franciacorta wines.

We received many compliments too for our home. Many told us that they came at CorteBianca after having seen the images of the place on the website. And in the time spent together with our guests – in front of the fireplace on a fully autumn saturday – we learned onec again that wine is above all an occasion to meet people and spend time together. A meeting that opened to many people the doors of CorteBianca.

With many thanks and a "see you soon" to all the friend that visited us.

Marina e Mauro