It's harvest time, at least. A year's work offers us its fruit. The most important thing is "catching" the right moment to harvest the grapes. A few days ago, here at CorteBianca, rigorously in the morning to avoid that the heat could damage the grapes, we completed the harvest of the Chardonnay, a week's earlier than the harvest of the Pinot Nero. Our forecast? Good. We succeded in taking to the canteen grapes in the just right stage of maturation. Grapes which acidity and sugar level make us hope in a transformation able to give excellent Franciacorta wines. On one side an unusual spring, that saw the alternance of cold and hot weather, gave us healthy grape. On the other side the favourable position of our wineyards, close to the hills, spared the grapes from the danage of this summer's dry weather, thanks to the usual and healthy night breeze.